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144,000 - The Sealed and Redeemed Saints

Those Redeemed from the Earth from Among the Living

12 x 12 x 10³ or 12 x 12,000 — 144,000 Chosen, Sealed, and Redeemed
The sealing of all the tribes of the children of Israel (144000).


Who are the 144,000 mentioned in the book of Revelation?
Is the number literal or symbolic? Does it matter?
Endtime Elect or the Redeemed of all ages?


The actual TRUTH may surprise you!


Please download the Bible Study below to learn
what the Bible actually teaches regarding this topic!



This is a tri-fold brochure, so print and fold it to make it easier to read.

144,000 & the Great Multitude Bible Study (PDF)


144000 – Bible & Spirit of Prophecy Study (PDF):

144000 – God is Inclusive Study Booklet


October 2009 – Audio of the Month – MP3
A Sermon by James Rafferty



The interesting and informative booklet below originated from Light Bearers Ministry. It covers the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy statements relating to this most interesting subject. As always, “study to show thyself approved unto God” … May God richly bless you in your study.

A Study on the 144,000 - God is … Inclusive! by James Rafferty

A Study on the 144,000 — God is … Inclusive!
Study by Pastor James Rafferty


God is . . . Inclusive is a timely study on the topic of the 144,000. It offers an exhaustive collection of every statement in the Bible and Spirit of Prophecy. In this booklet you will find that each statement is connected to the next and brings to us a full picture of the symbolism of the number. By carefully following basic Bible study principles it reveals that all of the saved, and not just the final generation, will stand with (as a part of) the 144,000. This conclusion is based on the gospel truth that all the redeemed are saved solely by the merits of Jesus Christ. This study will be a blessing for all who are preparing for the Lord’s return by placing their entire hope in the righteousness of Jesus Christ for salvation.


DOWNLOAD the PDF VERSION for FREE: 144000 – God is Inclusive!

DOWNLOAD the PDF Book by Theos Institute: Sealed and Redeemed

Who Will Sing the Song?


Below is a Keynote® Presentation on the 144,000. We also have a PDF with slides and presenter notes (22MB file size) available for you to download and study on your own. This is a more inclusive overview of the 144,000 than what most people teach.

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION  •  PDF w/slides & notes (22 MB)  •  M4V MOVIE — the slides only (1080p HD) (240 MB)

The video file is simply a way that you can show the presentation on a screen/tv and pause each slide as you study the pdf with a group if you don’t have a way to use the actual Keynote Presentation. The video is 1080p HD (240MB file size).

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